The training of Yakutian Laikas

The purpose of training is not a simple teach of certain knowledge. The goal is to educate a pet understand desires of its owner, responsibilities and rules of conduct. Having bought a puppy in our kennel, you can be sure that the initial course of training under the guidance of a certified instructor Ivanovska Svetlana will be a solid foundation for further constructive dialogue with the dog. By their nature, Yakutian Laika is a clever dog, has a docile character, however, it has a penchant for independent thinking. It is important that the puppy a hundred percent trusts a person who will deal with her upbringing. Yakutian Laika is endowed with driving and hunting skills historically; therefore, at least basic training in this direction is necessary.

Despite the fact that the Yakutin Laika is accustomed to obey the man, it badly gives to harsh correction and is responsive to positive training methods. We are interested in setting the maximum possible contact between you and a furry friend, so we will advise on any emerging issues. Sporty and applied types of training under the close supervision of an experienced instructor will be under force, even for beginners.


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