To buy a puppy of Yakutian Laika

Curious kids our kennel - puppies Yakutian Laika. Puppies of this breed is distinguished by goodwill, the absolute lack of aggression to the owners, sociability, persistence, playfulness, they are smart, agile, reckless. They certainly needed by the nature of the contact with people. They are pleased with their day to day wit, particularly evident their patience, caring attitude to children. In addition, they are distinguished by a perfect ear, nose, eyes, health in general.

Our goal - to provide you with the opportunity to buy a Yakutian Laika puppy is not just beautiful, but the quality corresponding to the breed standard. Their parents - the best descendants of famous ancestors, who regularly participate in exhibitions, gaining a leading position. We strive to represent the future owners of harmoniously developed kids, physically healthy, mentally balanced, workable, bringing sea of positive.

For us, dogs are the members of the family with whom we go for a walk and travel. They eat well, surrounded by care, they feel the love. Puppies certainly pass the primary course of obedience, early socialization. We very anxiously approach to the selection of new teachers for our small animals. Prerequisite we consider the possibility, the desire to create the animal a happy life. We provide constant patronage, interested in the life of dogs born in our kennel. We advise owners on the complex issues associated with education, maintenance, veterinary. Helping to organize a productive exhibition and sport career for pets.

Yakutian laikas buy a puppy just because today breeding farms are the best representatives of the breed. If you have already made that decision, we will help with adaptation in your home, will present recommendations on feeding, care, create graphics, exemplary menu. Close communication with the new masters allows timely advice in matters of physical activity, training, duties of your four-legged friend. Please note that dogs are promising for breeding and exhibitions. Toddlers excellent exterior data, balanced psyche, stuffed coat, good bone. At the time of the sale, they will have a set of documents, the stamp and will be vaccinated by age.


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