Sled dog - Yakutian Laika

An ancient breed helped a human in severe climatic conditions. There is an information about the excavations, confirming the eight thousand-year history of the Yakutian Laika. Due to the difficult living conditions of Aboriginal people of Yakutia, they needed a dog which has an ability to perform different tasks: of hunting, protection of property and livestock in the pasture and work in a dog-sledge. In addition, the necessary requirements were an excellent health and unpretentiousness in the care. As a result of prolonged natural selection, today we have a unique breed that combines the quality of hunting and sled dogs. Different sources were called them: Alazeevskaya, Anyuiskaya, Arctic, Verkhoyanskaya, Gizhganskaya, Zashiverskaya, Kolymo - Indigirskaya, Omolonskaya, Omsukchanskaya, Okhotskaya, Pokhotskaya, Polar , Russian Ustinovskaya, Susmanskaya, North-Eastern , Tungusskaya , Khodyanskaya, Chuvychanskaya, Yukagirskaya, Evenskaya, Yakutskaya, etc. Met familiar names? We are talking about the Yakutian Laika. Why do they do not have competitors in harness. Darwin proposed a classification of pets on natural / artificial. Our friends belong to the first group. Aboriginal breed of northern people is a smart, loyal to the owner, has a strong constitution, enviable stamina, developed muscular, resistance to diseases. They are able to pass through the melting snow cover not falling through the ice, which distinguishes them from the heavier animals. They are excellent meteorologists, can oriented in space in difficult situations. During a snowstorm are instinctively eager to get back to the shelter. An unforgettable sight is a competition for dog sledding. Systematically conducting international level competitions and plans to incorporate racing sled dog in the Olympic Games attracts more lovers of the ancient breed. Our kennel of sled dogs offers to purchase puppy for sports, hunting or just as a responsive beautiful friend. Unique endurance of Yakutian Laika allows her not only to carry heavy loads or people over long distances, but also to win races of various levels. The ability to adapt to difficult climatic conditions allows you to keep your dog in different parts of the world.


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