The best breed of dog companions is the Yakutian Laika

  • How to choose a four-legged companion? What do mean by this term? If you are not interested in specific areas: protection of the territory, fighting qualities, hunting in the narrow sense, so most likely you need a loyal, dedicated, without much effort on the keeping, beautiful, sociable pet. Dog companion breed Yakutian Laika satisfies to the set criteria because:
  • Dog is of medium in size - it means that dog will feel comfort in a confined space of an apartment, although it is preferable keep it in the fresh air;
  • Dog needs minimal cover care, which has the property of self-cleaning. Periodic brushing does not cause serious trouble. No need regular haircut / trimming, which also determines that the selection is right. Another undeniable plus is lack of odor;
  • Genetic lacks of aggression - these animals have historically lived together with a man, long time communicated with them, getting warmth and love. In this way, they are become excellent babysitters; easy to train, respects , supports and helps its "human flock"
  • Absence of health problems is associated with centuries of natural selection - You do not have to study veterinary medicine
  • An energy and endurance of pet will allow you enjoy long hiking and walking at any time of the year;
  • Dog companion breed Yakutian Laika is unpretentious in food, eats a little, but it needs a full protein food.

Identify clearly to what breed give preference to is hard. Everyone has their own preferences, both in terms of the nature of dog, as well as of appearance. However, the assertion, that the Yakutian Laika is a perfect companion, exactly corresponds the reality.


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